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    If it’s urgent, such as a flood, storm damage, or an accident that needs prompt attention, please call 2542354950 or 2548558181 and someone will answer or call you back ASAP.  We handle major and minor flood damage such as storm run off, sewer back ups, plumbing leaks, and hot water heater busting.

    We will head out immediately to extract the water, remove soaked padding, check surrounding walls and/or flooring with our moisture detection tool, and set up dehumidifiers and/or fans to dry down the wet materials.

    Acting promptly in a flood situation is important to prevent mold and mildew from forming in the materials effected.  After we finish the extraction and dry down, we follow up with a thorough clean with anti-microbial enzyme treatment, and usually recommend new padding.

    So if your leaking roof or last big rain left your floors drenched, then it’s time to call Driskell’s Carpet Cleaning Service to get your sanity, and sanitization, back!

That’s 2542354950, or you can also call or text 2548558181.

How much does carpet cleaning cost?

It’s hard to give solid estimates without seeing the particular situation, mainly because every home is laid out differently, and based on your perception, a big room to you may be small to someone else, and a set of stairs for an apartment loft might be 8′ tall, but a set of rounding stairs for a two story house with 12 foot ceilings will have twice as much work and solution needed.  So to make a long story short, it’s best to call, try to know the rough dimensions of the room(s) and we will give you a free estimate.  One room starts at $35 and we have very competitive pricing, so you can rest assured, we will be fair and do a great job!

How Often Should Carpets and Upholstery be Cleaned?

This depends on wear and use factors such as number in household, average time spent home, and weather conditions along with surrounding factors like wether or not your porch and sidewalk stays clean, is paved, and so forth.  If you tend to go in and out a lot and have a few youngsters running crazy with some puppies, or just lots of company, then once a month is recommended. If your retired and you and that special someone stay home mostly just watching TV or watching the birds out the window, then every 6 months may be fine.  But what you want to avoid is heavy build up of dirt under the fibers, because they act like sand paper on the poly or wool carpet strands, eventually breaking them down and leaving permanent damage to your investment.  So only you know how must dirt gets brought in, but on average, every 2-3 months at least for a family of 4.

Why Clean The Couches? My Upholstery don't LOOK dirty…

Upholstery is usually the most soiled, yet under cleaned fabric in the house.  Not only does micro dust particles settle on it daily, just like your air vents, ceiling fans, and shelves, but you sit on it repeatedly, pushing that dirt and dander down into the cushions.  Then we nap on them, and majority of people sweat and shed dead skin heavily in our sleep.  Plus the dogs and/or cats rest and sleep on them, and the kids spill a little water or juice, and the list goes on.  When home you spend most of your time sitting or resting, usually on the living room furniture.  But unlike carpet, the fabric don’t usually show dirt and stains as well, in fact most fabric companies and furniture companies design the materials to help hide every day spoils, so as the product seemingly will “last longer”.  But just like your bed sheets and clothes you wear, your couches and chair cushions collect daily accumulations of dirt, sweat, spills, and bacteria that can effect the smell and atmosphere of your home.  So it’s good to clean and sanitize them regularly, just as you would any other fabric or carpets in your home.


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