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We only use the best solutions on the market.  ProChem has been around for years with enormous amounts of time and resources spent on discovering biodegradable, pet and human safe, hypoallergenic cleaning solutions that provide the quickest and most efficient cleaning, while retaining the safest environment during and after the job is done.  And if anything goes down the drain, most is composed of all natural ingredients and the rest is 100% bio-safe and harmless to the environment.   We are here to clean your home, and the world around us, not pollute it.  Another reason why Driskell’s stands above the rest!

One of our trusted flooring brands we choose to use is Mohawk.  Years of design and time tested rigidity have proven the quality of their products.  From wood and laminate, to Carpet and vinyl,  we have had no complaints from customers who trust us with Mohawk materials.  Mohawk combined with our professional installation standards will ensure you get the most you possibly can for your budget, and you will not find a longer lasting flooring install for a better rate anywhere else.  Another Reason to Choose Driskell’s!

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Shaw Flooring.


Another Popular and Well Trusted brand in the flooring industry is Shaw.  With high quality standards and a reputation to match, you can rest soundly with Shaw flooring installed by Driskell’s Flooring.  Shaw provides Carpet, Tile, Stone, Hardwood, Laminate, and their Trademark Resilient Vinyl.  DuraTru™ resilient Vinyl Flooring resembles natural woods, tile, and stone in stunning high definition for a naturally realistic floor that will enhance any decor. Enjoy superior comfort while minimizing sound transmission thanks to DuraTru’s fiberglass cushion.  And When installed by the Best in Waco, Driskell’s, you can know it will outperform your expectations!

Driskell’s isn’t just limited to the brands pre listed above, we will install any supplied flooring the best it possibly can be done!  Wether you have something handed off from another job, a custom craft, or maybe you would like to get a rustic look from some old cedar as your flooring, we can handle it.  Driskell’s has been installing floors since hardwood was thicker than subfloor, carpet had to be sown together, and before steam cleaning was invented.  So you can trust we have kept up with the best methods throughout the years.  Just another reason why we’ve been around so long, and known so well.

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